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Why We Invested in RealSage

April 10, 2024
Why We Invested in RealSage

This past month, we were excited to announce our investment in RealSage, an AI-driven decision-making software platform for real estate.

As active operators ourselves, we understand the crucial problem RealSage is solving: transforming complex and fragmented data into actionable insights that power smarter real estate decisions.

Real Estate's Decision-Making Engine

Out of the many reasons we pursued this investment, what truly impressed us about RealSage was:

  1. Their deep understanding of industry pain points
  2. An open, data-agnostic approach, which positions them for explosive growth, unlike competitors struggling to extend legacy systems
  3. An ambitious vision for how technology can revolutionize real estate decision-making

Traditionally, real estate decisions have relied on fragmented data scattered across disparate systems and tools. These siloed datasets, often managed by armies of analysts on endless Excel spreadsheets, empower multi-billion dollar decisions with limited foresight. The result?  Cost overruns, missed IRR targets, and budget shortfalls that ultimately hamper long-term portfolio returns.

Take marketing spend as an example. Experienced asset managers understand the need to collect both quantitative and qualitative data from a variety of sources to decide on where to increase or decrease spending – a time-consuming and ultimately mundane task. RealSage's decision support platform automates this data collection and analysis, freeing up precious time for managers to focus on higher-level strategies.

A Vision for Predictive Analytics

RealSage goes beyond mere data aggregation. Their platform seamlessly combines internal and external data sets, leveraging AI to generate actionable insights that fuel better decision-making. While other solutions offer similar capabilities, none quite capture the clear value proposition and vision that RealSage presents.

Looking Ahead

The company is on a path to redefine industry standards. RealSage is actively working to integrate next-generation AI tools to provide even more nuanced insights and forecasts. This will not only enhance decision accuracy but also change the way real estate professionals anticipate market trends, assess investment risks, and identify opportunities.

This funding round provides RealSage with the resources to execute its ambitious roadmap and secures strategic partners to fuel their growth. We are excited to introduce RealSage to our portfolio and those of our partners, driving further efficiency across our real estate operations.

The future of real estate is data-driven, and RealSage is at the forefront of this revolution. We look forward to partnering with them on this exciting journey.

If you'd like to learn more about RealSage, or even get in touch with the team you can email us at